Something Snapped

I was directed to a poem by Simon Armitage yesterday that was something to do with National Poetry Day. Best to read the text as a poem first before viewing the multimedia version.

The idea of “the best version of yourself” stuck in my craw and also the whole piece seems to have completely missed the impact of lockdown on most people. I felt compelled to write a ripost …

Something Snapped

Then something snapped and the workstation groaned
under the weight of the infinite immanent potentials jostling in the wires.
But first the daily catch-up call with the multitasking tele-present
almost-but-not-quite-real crowd of fadingly familiar faces.
Then the routine chores to keep on track
and a single fresh cup of coffee and
more task-work till a lunchtime scene-change blurs into view

Same scene as yesterday,
same solitary plate in the empty kitchen
same serious-but-sensational newsreader and
pseudo-sparring politicians on the radio

But back to it, those teasingly infinite potentials still in the wires
and suddenly school’s out and just-as-quick time to get dinner on
and shepherd the family through till bedtime and then collapse
to refresh the same belching, farting, take-it or leave-it,
one-event, only true version of yourself.

Later I watched the multimedia version of the Simon Armitage poem and realised that it’s all just a promotion for BT Broadband. Rather a disappointing use of the Poet Laureate’s talents.

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